2005 and Prior Memories

Below are a few pics from the prior years’ Christmas Villages.

Our largest and most decorated tree!

The living room, circa 2008.

Casting off a soft pink glow in 2008, this tree will be revamped for 09!

The tree with horrendous pink lights (2008), before it was permanently retired and replaced with our woodland creatures tree in 2009.

Welcome to the North Pole!

Welcome to the North Pole! This is only 1/2 of the village! (2007)

Here comes the North Pole Express (2007). Retired in 2010. New trains in 2011!


2004 Village (at our old location)


Preparing cookies for the various Village celebrations!


The Feast…2005.


Fireplace decorations at the old location


A 2005 Village pic


Snickers, smelling a candy-cane.