2007 Memories

They allowed the beginnings of this many years ago (and still help construct today) …the parents!


Kyle & Kami


Denise & Alisha


Jeremy & Laura


Brandon & Ryan


Julie & Bethany, what’s so funny?


Keep eatin’ Brent!


Partner-in-crime-in-Turkey-travels, Jo


The naughty Lancaster City girls


GO TEAM FFC! Never forget the good times!


This was just a fun pic. Hi Josh.


Michele & Dan


Some fine females from MMC.


Jill & Beth


Ashley & Sean


The boys of MMC.


Darrell, Jo, Eric, Justin!


“This M&M tree looks delicious.”

-Dave & Olivia


“I love Green River Punch!” -Katie

Em, Katie, Laura


Mike with the infamous Christmashound, Snickers


Tyler, Brennan, Ashley


Me with Eric


A big hug in the Village-Ralph and Erla


Uncle Dale, show us display #2:


Sarah & Jason


Aaron & Matt


Ang & Jess


Anthony John Paul Polselli & Angela. This man has made me famous in Philly. Thanks, –I think!


Another set of winners in the Village Treasure Hunt. 2 Years in a row for team BT. Good work men! (Curt & Matt)


Hi Nate & Stacy!


Sonia, strike a pose!


The infamous Christmas Village Feast. YUM!