History & Fun Facts

The Christmas Village was founded in the late 1980s by Christmas enthusiast Wayne Groff. At that time, there was just a small forest display, some posters, and small Christmas tree occupying a bedroom. Since then, it has grown into the overwhelmingly beautiful display you enjoy today, with a huge Village which is its namesake, even though the entire experience is known as “Christmas Village”. Join us at the Christmas Village 2023 to celebrate another year of Christmas jubilation. Relish that Christmas Village has a certain magic in it; it is meant to inspire you and remind you of your childhood dreams and fantasies of Christmastime. The Christmas Village within the Village has again expanded for the 23rd consecutive year; we’ve added over 40 new buildings- now with over 750 lighted buildings and 13 trains on a 600+ square foot display! Folks, it’s truly huge. Christmas Village is again simply the best it’s ever been in its 25+ years of existence. Welcome to the merriment!

Fast Facts from Christmas Village:

As you can see, the progression of increased decoration has been steady…and 2023 is better than ever!

Location and Directions

Christmas Village is located near the Lampeter Fairgrounds and Lampeter YMCA at 15 Strawberry Lane, Lancaster, PA 17602. Specific directions may be obtained from Google Maps. Abundant parking is available on both Strawberry and Cranberry.

Words of Thanks

Christmas Village would like to thank the following for their unwavering support:

  • Marlin & Dottie for their countless hours of assistance each year in various capacities;
  • Eric, Jeremy, David, Josh, Sarah, and Karra for their unpacking/repacking assistance of buildings and figurines;
  • David, for his assistance in keeping this website up and running as I update it;
  • Josh, for his donations in kind;
  • Dave K and sons for outside installation assistance;
  • Ryan, for awesome branding skills;
  • Jesus and Rudolph for making this holiday season so special in their respective spheres of influence.

Thanks everyone!